Alejandra Espinoza publishes a photo with a bloody face: she allegedly collided with a pole while playing soccer | Famous

In general, Alejandra Espinoza captivates her Instagram followers with photos of her incredible looks, videos of her moments with her son Matteo, and more of her day-to-day experiences.

However, on this occasion, the former beauty queen caused alarm on social networks by posting a photo with a bloody face.

Alejandra Espinoza alarm after photo with a bloody face

“If I tell you what happened to me, you won’t believe me… but I’ll put a photo,” Alejandra wrote in her first ‘story’.

In her second content, the actress posed for the camera with her mouth slightly open and with a white device that squeezed her nose. However, what causes alarm in this photo is the blood that she has on her lips, chin and nose.

Unfortunately, the Nuestra Belleza Latina winner did not elaborate on what caused her face to bleed.

However, the Instagram user Chamonic, who is followed by several celebrities, including Alejandra Espinoza, was the one who gave details about the accident suffered by the television presenter.

Unfortunately, at a time when he was running, he did not realize that there was a pole in his path and he collided with it. “It was like a comedy movie, but the blow was hard,” he wrote.

The blow was allegedly so strong that he passed out. In the image shared by Alejandra it is not visible, but based on Chamonic’s explanation, the ‘Perfect Host’ actress (which you can see on ViX+) broke a tooth and split her lip.

Based on Alejandra’s photo, it is likely that she also had blood coming from her nose.

On social networks, hundreds of Internet users lamented Espinoza’s accident and shared their wishes for a speedy recovery.

“Poor little Ale”; “Poor thing to get better soon”; “Poor thing, what a pain”; “Poor thing, sometimes accidents happen that fast”; “My Ale, poor thing. Speedy recovery”; “Get well soon, precious” are some of the comments that have been dedicated to Alejandra.

For now, we still have to wait for Alejandra to give details about what happened. Based on her interaction with her social media followers, it is likely that she will share a video about it soon.

And you, did the image of Alejandra Espinoza worry you? Has something similar ever happened to you?

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