How much do tickets cost for the Qatar 2022 final?

A supporter shows the tickets for a Qatar 2022 World Cup match in front of one of the stadiums where the tournament is played.  Photo: REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

A supporter shows the tickets for a Qatar 2022 World Cup match in front of one of the stadiums where the tournament is played. Photo: REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

The World Cup final needs no introduction, but the fans don’t know what they’ll get: spectacular goals, team collapses, red cards, all of that, a climax or an anticlimax. That, among other factors, affects how much the best tickets will cost for the main event at the Lusail Stadium in Qatar on December 18, wrapping up 64 games and 32 participating teams in the small Gulf nation over a month.

Traveling supporters who aren’t sure if their team will make it there, the type of supporter able to afford such a show, and the accrued costs of seeing it all live, play an important role in ticket demand and price before the main game . Another component has been widespread criticism of the location and timing of the tournament.

Whether Messi, Ronaldo or both make it to the final, it will be an event like no other, as this is almost certainly their last World Cup and could define their legacy. That’s especially true for people who relentlessly debate the old useless question of who’s better. Similarly, there is a feeling that this could be the moment when Neymar, who has yet to reach full throttle, comes alive and wins for Brazil. Similarly, Kylian Mbappé would become a true French legend if he propelled Les Bleus to back-to-back titles two days before his 24th birthday.

But despite these tantalizing possibilities, this is not an event that trumps all. . Just ask those who paid to see another great, from another sport, earlier this year: a now-retired Roger Federer in his swansong at the Laver Cup of tennis in London, England. For an exhibition that, in essence, focused on the style of a mercurial talent rather than a team, there was a different kind of clamor: one where people knew exactly what they were getting.

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Soccer fans line up outside the main Ticketing Center to try to get tickets for the match on November 18, 2022 in Doha, Qatar, ahead of the soccer tournament of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. (Photo by DAVID GANNON/AFP vía Getty Images)

Soccer fans line up outside the Main Ticketing Center to try to obtain match tickets on November 18, 2022 in Doha, Qatar, ahead of the Qatar 2022 World Cup soccer tournament. (Photo by DAVID GANNON/AFP via Getty Images)

How much does it cost to watch the Qatar 2022 final?

The most expensive ticket to see Federer was approximately 17,500 euros ($18,500), which far exceeds the highest sums planned for the Qatar final, which is just shy of 7,000 euros ($7,400), according to Sports Ticketing, based in the UK.

These numbers don’t mean much on their own, but they do suggest that soccer’s status as a globalized, moneyed sport doesn’t always translate into unbeatable prices for a spectacle like the World Cup. And this one, in particular, is a strange winter issue for most.

“We’ve seen uncertainty around the host country, uncertainty around the cost of living at home and what you’ll be able to do when you’re there, leading to a dramatic drop in demand,” says Chris Newbold, the director of Vision4Sport, who offers high-level experiences for a variety of sports.

“It’s almost like the stock market when people go out so late to book tickets. Right after the semifinals, for 24 to 36 hours, the price of the final will be over $7,000. Those amounts could go down as people You realize it’s probably not value for money right now,” adds the expert.

Expectations for the Qatar 2022 final

Of course this review focuses on the UK whereas this is a global event. It comes amid economic troubles in the UK and much of Europe, but also affects other people arriving in Qatar.

In general, the World Cup has been reasonably well attended, with nearly full stadiums hovering around 94% capacity during the opening matches. Spectators have witnessed unpredictable games and at least one goal from each competing country.

In general, the elite events are still talking and they don’t come cheap, although the market is not necessarily booming in all departments of the industry, where corporate and wealth clients have a strong presence.

“One area that can feel tight is entry-level hospitality involving a meal and a game ticket at events like Premier League football,” Newbold adds, taking UK events as an example. And adds: “Packages that cost hundreds, not thousands, are often purchased by small businesses and relatively normal consumers who use them to celebrate special occasions or for marketing purposes. With disposable income and business budgets under pressure, these packages may be subject to lower demand in 2023.”

For many, the beautiful game is the best on Earth. His appeal in this World Cup is a little more complicated.

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