Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía could have ended their relationshipHalf time

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A few months after the soccer player’s relationship came to light Gerard Piqué with Clara Chiascandals continue to pursue them in all the corners where they want to hide.

And it is that after Shakira’s ex-partner confirmed his relationship with the young woman 23 year old studentthe paparazzi have not stopped harassing them and according to the Spanish press, the couple could be going through a crisis just a few months after it started.

What happened between Piqué and Clara?

There are different versions that have given rise to the speculations of the reporters, among them the bullying and teasing Clara and that, of course, he has not tolerated, in addition to the criticism that he constantly receives for an alleged favoritism that he receives in the kosmos companyowned by Piqué.

Other possible explanation It would be the speed with which they consummated the courtship, since being so hasty they did not have time to get to know each other completely, even a few days ago they were caught togetherbut at the same time distant from each other.

Undoubtedly the footballer’s life with the interpreter of ‘Monotonía’ has already come to an end, however, it’s milan and sasha who continue to join ties and although Chía does not enjoy Piqué’s meetings to arrange custody of their children, I don’t know how much she will be able to tolerate all this.

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