Dodgers don’t want Carlos Correa for fear of fan backlash

The Los Angeles Dodgers have shown no intention of acquiring the services of the Puerto Rican siore Carlos Correa due to concern that a much of his fans would not approve of the signing of the 2017 Houston Astrosthe year of the sign-stealing scandal, which defeated the Dodgers in the World Series.

That’s what the chronicler wrote Ken Rosenthalof The Athletic, in an article in said electronic medium, referring to the 2017 edition of the Astros that beat Los Angeles in a seventh game before the discovery of a sign-stealing scheme was revealed.

However, the shortstop’s future could be in the National League West either way, as Reports suggest that the San Francisco Giants would have Correa at the top of their roster now that Aaron Judge is out of the conversation.

Judge reportedly met with the San Diego Padres and Giants before the Yankees upped their offer and the tough hitter decided he wanted to stay a Yankee.

MLB chronicler JP Morosi reported on his Twitter account that Giants representatives have already spoken with the Puerto Rican’s representatives.

The Giants already have the veteran Brandon Crawford in the short field, but analysts have speculated that this could be moved to third base.

In recent days there has been speculation that among the siors in free agency (Xander Bogarts, Trea Turner, dansby swanson Y Belt) the Puerto Rican is interested, in addition to San Francisco, by the Chicago Cubs and the Philadelphia Phillies.

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