“Sufficient bilateral conditions do not exist”: Faculty of Medicine of the U. de Chile ends the teaching assistance agreement with Clínica Las Condes

After more than a decade, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile reported that on December 2 it communicated to the general management of Clínica Las Condes (CLC) its decision to terminate the teaching assistance agreement signed between both entities on January 2, 2021, which is an extension of the agreement signed in 2007.

The management of said Faculty explained that “having reached high levels of academic exchange at the postgraduate, postgraduate and research level during the first 10 years of the agreement, this relationship has been decreasing significantly.”

Likewise, they argued that “the manifestations of commitment to academic development that have been observed in recent times are not consistent with the initial spirit of the agreement and with the objective that encourages us as a Faculty, with current academic interaction being scarce, and affected by the departure of a significant number of academics”.

In this sense, they indicated that “given this situation, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile considers that sufficient bilateral conditions do not exist to maintain the teaching assistance agreement.”

In any case, they thanked “the effort, work and dedication of many health professionals, officials and managers of both institutions who for 15 years maintained a collaboration whose results favored the training of health professionals, innovation and generation of new knowledge”.

CLC has been controlled since November 2019 by Cecilia Karlezi, and since March 2020 she tried to increase the resources she obtains from her doctors, which in September of that year began a bitter and judicialized fight with her medical staff over the payment model. -actually, collection- to these professionals.

Currently, the dispute between part of the CLC doctors and the presidency of the board of directors continues, which is headed by Karlezi’s partner, Alejandro Gil Gómez, who has had a series of disagreements with the workers since his arrival in office on December 10. of 2019. In recent times, a number of physicians have left CLC as a result of disagreements with the administration.

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