four exercises to work the whole body in a few minutes

Not everything can be about strengthening the ‘core’ or shaping the buttocks and legs. This the Twins Pin ( @gemelas_pin) and for this reason this week they bring a routine to work the whole body. Of course, you only need 10 minutes to carry it out, no more!

The training consists of three rounds of four exercises. You will have to do 12 repetitions of each of them and you will have a minute of rest after each round.

In addition, to carry out two of the four exercises this week you will need dumbbells. Personal trainers Esther and Gema Pineda recommend doing it with an intermediate weight.

This activity was recorded at The Corporate Gym facilities.

Exercise 1. Push-ups with knees

Push-ups or ‘push ups’ are a very complete type of functional work in which muscles throughout the body are activated; hence its effectiveness.

Chest, triceps, deltoids are exercised and the ‘core’ and stabilizers of the back are strengthened. You can even get to work glutes and quadriceps.

To do them correctly, the hands have to be slightly more open than the width of the shoulders, the arms are kept straight, the hips are in line with the body and the abdomen must remain active.

In this case you can rest your knees on the ground to make the exercise easier for you.

Exercise 2. Front lunge

The lunge, or ‘lunge’, is one of the most difficult basic exercises to perform correctly. For this reason it is very important to control the stabilizers of the hip and the ‘core’.

To start, place your legs slightly hip-width apart and after inhaling, step forward with one leg, keeping your torso straight and perpendicular to the ground. The leg moving forward should be flexed until the thigh is parallel to the ground and the knee is bent 90 degrees. The non-moving leg is also lowered without touching the ground with the knee. Once this movement is done, return to the starting position. This exercise is performed alternating legs in series or one by one.

To ensure a good execution, it is important to activate the ‘core’, always support the leg that moves on the heel and not on the toes, to promote balance and enhance movement.

In this case, switch legs over and over again, and when you do, switch hands as well.

Exercise 3. Arnold’s Press

The shoulder is a delicate joint, so it is important to learn the execution technique to avoid injury.

You have to hold a dumbbell in each hand, with your arms bent and placing these dumbbells at shoulder height. The palms of the hands have to face you. Once in this position, push up, rotating the dumbbells to perform an overhead press.

Exercise 4. Butterfly

Maintaining a strong abdomen is essential for daily life since it fulfills the functions involved in both resting and active positions.

Therefore, to carry out this type of abs, lie on the floor, with the soles of your feet together and your knees bent, raise your body and touch the tips of your feet with your hands.

Remember that after finishing the first round, you will have a minute of rest and you will have another two more to finish this routine proposed by the Pin Twins.

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