Wolverhampton fans, in favor of Raúl Jiménez leaving the clubHalftime

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The Raúl Jiménez’s continuity in Wolverhampton is in questionreason why they have begun to give manifestations of fans of the club that welcome the possible movealthough without ceasing to recognize how important it has been in recent times.

Jiménez has to report to the Wolves for the preseason

The front was expected this Tuesday in Marbella to join the “preseason” carried out by the Wolves, although it does so in the midst of the uncertainty of not knowing if they will continue in the institution in 2023.

Among the bias and even among journalists, it is repetitive to find comments that consider that Raúl’s stage is over, since since the clash with David Luiz never got that quality back that made him one of the best strikers in the Premier League.

What do the fans think about his possible exit from the Premier League?

When it was on fire, it was amazing to ussuch a sad way to end up at Wolves”, “unfortunately it’s for the bestbut what a pity, man” or “It’s time for Jimenez to move onhe is not the player he was and now he seems to be prone to injuries, so sell him and invest in better players”, are some publications that appear on social networks regarding Raúl.

Will Raúl Jiménez return to America?

according to the season fox sportsRaúl has “a foot and a half” out of the Wolves, so there are three clubs interested in adding him to their ranks, one of them America and a couple more two MLS institutionsstressing that there are already contacts with the Eagles.

Although he participated in the three games in Qatar 2022 with Mexico coming on as a substitute, Raúl showed that he is not ready to start and that he is far from a version that serves to obtain total confidence, at least for now.

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