Silvia Pinal in serious economic problems because of her bank

Silvia Pinal / Mexico Agency

Silvia Pinal / Mexico Agency

Silvia Pinal revealed that she is suffering a Via Crucis because of a banking institution that does not accept her signature on the checks it issues, Therefore, he has had to personally go to the branch on several occasions to fix the problem, but the results have not been favorable.

The cameras of the program Today documented the moment the 91-year-old artist went to the bank, but despite spending more than two hours inside the branch and constantly changing windows, Alejandra Guzmán’s mother left the place upset, without money and without valid answers.

“They didn’t want to give me the money, so I personally came to tell them”the money is mine… on the contrary, (I came to see) that you have my money, give it to me and I have every right to give it to me,’” the actress also expressed to the microphones of the program.

Silvia Pinal / Mexico Agency

Silvia Pinal / Mexico Agency

For her part, Efigenia Ramos, assistant to the matriarch of the Pinal dynasty, explained: “We have been here almost 10 times now.because her checks are not accepted, now she made several checks, she signed them in front of the manager and they were not accepted even then, so they made her say in her own voice that she wanted to certify and change those checks”.

Finally, Silvia Pinal expressed annoyance that she will not sit idly by and He will look for a way to recover all his assets.

Silvia Pinal / Mexico Agency

Silvia Pinal / Mexico Agency

“How can I certify that it is my signature? It makes me laugh, but I will have to tell you, ‘Yes, gentlemen, the signature is mine, the money is mine, I put it legally, and now I want it legally’, but all the money I gave you there is mine”, he concluded.

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