Shakira leaves fans drooling with flirty dance on the bar

The song “rabid” is one of the singles that make up the album “the sun rises” which premiered in 2010, for the Colombian singer Shakira, creating a music video for her that will definitely leave you drooling and won’t be able to stop watching once you start.

Well, with the flirtation that characterizes her, the singer-songwriter She shows off with short hair, but a dark one, she is at a very strange and crazy party, while listening to the song play in the background, with scenes of the artist interpreting it and interacting with others, some images would arrive that were tattooed on the minds of the fans.

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Shakira He would appear coming down from a tube, wearing only a set of two black clothes, so tiny that it could easily be combined with a beach suit, with his carefree and loose blonde hair, he delighted the pupil with his best movements, demonstrating why She is the queen of hip movement.

This video premiered in June 2011, it has more than 150 million views and the song got some nominations and an award in “Lo Nuestro Award for Song of the Year – Pop”.


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