Santi Giménez makes fun of Canelo, the unexpected reaction of Saúl Álvarez

Santiago Gimenez / Saul Alvarez
Santiago Gimenez / Saul Alvarez


Messi was under media lynching after a TikTok video where they wondered if Argentina’s 10 kicked the shirt of the Mexican team. As simple as the image may seem, many feasted to generate a debate where there was none, since clarifications from footballers on social networks immediately arrived.

However, the drama continued thanks to Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez who was upset on Twitter by Messi’s action. The Mexican boxer made his threat public and the interactions did their thing: the conflict became a trend. Finally, everything ended with Álvarez’s apologies and Messi’s statements, in which he commented that there was no reason to make a scandal over something so simple.

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In the meantime Santiago Gimenez It took the friction that both the boxer and the footballer had to upload a video on their Instagram stories in which they see themselves with a bruise in their eye. Within the story, the Feyenoord footballer is labeled with the following legend: “Canelo grabbed him for defending Messi.”

Canelo takes the elimination of Tri with humor

Meanwhile, the boxer did not give a direct answer to the Feyenoord soccer player, but he did to the Mexican National Team in general, since the Mexican boxer liked a photo on Twitter with several Mexican boxing legends that have the title “Los mexicanos that they would lift the World Cup” will it be a hint for Giménez?

Saúl Álvarez likes a Twitter post

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