Samuel Eto’o attacks a fan who was recording him after the Brazil-Korea match

Doha, Qatar.

Former Cameroonian soccer player Samuel Eto’o, ambassador of the Qatar World Cup 2022showed an image never seen before in him after losing his temper and violently kicking a fan who was recording him at the exit of the 974 Stadium in Doha.

Eto’o was witnessing this Monday the round of 16 match between Brazil and South Koreaa few minutes after the game ended, he decided to leave the stadium to head to the hotel where he is staying.

After leaving the venue, in the vicinity of it some fans of different teams approached the former player of teams like FC Barcelona to ask for a photo.

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In the same place, there was a man with a camera recording Eto’o and as can be seen in a video captured by journalist Ricardo López Juárez from the newspaper Los Angeles Opinionthere was a discussion between both protagonists of the scene.

The African legend and current ambassador of the World Cup in Qatar complained to the subject in question who seemed to smile at the recrimination and later Eto’o lost his temper, pleasing the fan.

Samuel Eto’o, despite the fact that the men who accompanied him tried to separate him, gave the follower a violent kick to the head until he was left on the ground.


The communicator Ricardo López Juárez, who observed the entire tense moment, spoke about what happened in the program ‘El Larguero’ on Cadena Ser.

“I didn’t understand what they were saying. I heard Eto’o exchanging words with the fan in an angry tone. She started chasing him out of control. They took the camera from the fan and that’s where Eto’o makes the mistake. Instead of leaving, he kicks him, ”said the journalist.

Ricardo revealed that he came to feel intimidated by the Cameroonian president. “I wanted to see what had happened, but Eto’o came towards me, he imagined that I was recording, he confronted me for that and he thought that he was going to attack me. I asked him what happened and he couldn’t get a word out how angry he was. Those who were with him took him away, ”he explained.

The La Opinión journalist acknowledged that he did not understand what Eto’o and the fan were saying. After the coup, he was unable to locate the victim and no policeman came to the area to find out more information.

An hour before the incident, former NFL star Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) posted a photo with Samuel Eto’o at the 974 Stadium facility.

The Cameroonian team was eliminated in the group stage despite a victory over Brazil.

A four-time African Footballer of the Year awardee, Eto’o left a deep mark on the sport, but has also been embroiled in some scandals and legal troubles, including tax fraud in Spain.

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