Adriano divorced for disappearing for two days victory BrazilHalf time

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Adriano, former Inter Milan striker, since his active days was characterized by being a lover of nightlifewhich ended up diminishing him so that he could exploit his full potential on the pitch.

Already away from the courts, the situation has not changed at all in his life, since the occasions that he becomes a trend are usually due to his crazy parties.

However, it seemed that everything was going to change in his day to day, since 24 days ago he announced that Micaela Mesquita, a 25-year-old hairdresser, had married.

However, happiness was short-lived, the reason: Adriano disappeared for a couple of days to celebrate the triumph of the Brazilian team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup against Switzerland, which would have led to their divorce.

Despite the fact that no one has wanted to talk about the subject, one of the signs that indicate their breakup is that the 25-year-old girl has already He deleted all the images with Adriano Leite and stopped following him.

On the other hand, Micaela put a message on her social networks that generated a lot of speculation: “It hurts inside, but I’m not going to throw myself into suffering, let’s live!!!”, she wrote on Instagram.

Heals his wounds on the beach

Who is Adriano Leite?

​Emerged from Flamengo, Adriano always displayed his power and magic on the pitchwhere it did not take long for him to shine, which aroused the interest of several clubs in Europe.

The team that signed him was Inter Milan, where he immediately showed off his qualities and won practically everything. However, his personal life always ended up taking its toll on the field.

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