This year the perfect gift is well-being

The million dollar question whenever we want to treat someone we care about is what will be the perfect gift? It is clear that the perfect gift depends on each person, so how to get it right? We are going to help you with this difficult choice with some aspects that we believe are essential to be able to talk about a perfect gift.

How the perfect gift should be

  • Let’s forget that the intention is what counts, the first objective we want to achieve is to touch the fiber of our loved one, we want our gift to be memorable and convey the affection we feel for this person.

  • Let us take into account, of course, tastes and needs of our family member or friend, surely we will find important clues.

  • When considering gift options we also have to think about our economy, so the price matter.

And how can we gather all these keys in one gift? If the perfect gift must be original, memorable, useful and at the best price… What do you think about giving well-being?

The perfect gift is healthy rest

A practical gift that can be enjoyed daily, and that allows us to take care of our health. Give a viscoelastic pillow! If you want them not to forget you, giving a quality pillow is giving well-being, comfort, health… every morning that our loved one wakes up recovered and renewed, we will have touched their heart.

Options? You can find all the ones you can think of in stores MyMattress®where their Mattressologists They will help you choose the best pillow for the person you love the most, depending on their morphology, their sleeping position…

We recommend viscoelastic pillows, which adapt perfectly to the contour of our necks, maintaining a correct posture of our back while we sleep, highlighting the variety and affordable price of the firm. NordSwiss®or the ergonomic pillows of the brand tempura®which holds the original patent for the viscoelastic material.

Give the gift of well-being with a NordSwiss pillow

Give the gift of well-being with a NordSwiss pillow

Following the line of a “healthy” gift, the elders of the family may appreciate a electric adjustable bedto really enjoy not only the best rest, but many other benefits and amenities.

The perfect gift is also comfort and relaxation

Another way to show our affection is to give away the most important piece in any living room, the “throne” that we all deserve to fully enjoy our hobbies, reading, television, football or family gatherings: the couch.

And here we will also go to the best professionals, because in Malaga we can enjoy the #SofáExperience of Nessen Interiors®. Sofas and armchairs of the highest quality, Spanish manufacturing, Italian designs, the best stain-resistant upholstery and the best leather…

Be the grandson or son of the year by giving away a comfortable armchair with the features you want, system Zero gravitywhich improves blood circulation, motorized movement of headboard, feet, lower back, mechanism powerlift so that the person incorporates without effort…

Do you want to know more perfect gift ideas? More info at and at

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