The reasons why a famous actress does not want to listen to Luis Miguel’s songs

The reasons why a famous actress does not want to listen to Luis Miguel's songs

After the resounding success of the series produced by Netflix, where For the first time, Luis Miguel claims to have recounted all the details about his lifeartists related to the singer have given their ‘point of view on what was told.

The bioseries revived several controversies, rumors and feuds around the life of the famous singer, the same ones that have not stopped being investigated until now. One of the most controversial topics, exposed on the screen, was the love story between Stephanie Salas and “el Sol”, courtship from which Michelle Salas was bornfirst daughter of both artists.

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The story relates that Stephanie became pregnant after a night of adventure between them, a fact that outraged both the Pinal dynasty and artists close to the then couple. As expected, those involved in the matter were questioned in front of the cameras to discover the truth.

Sylvia Pasquel spoke without limits

Some of the comments issued with the greatest respect about the alleged lies told around her daughter and granddaughter, were those declared by Pasquel, who He closed the topic by saying that he does not want to have any kind of contact with Luis Miguel, and asked the press not to associate him with the missing singer anymore.

Sources close to the dynasty have joined the position taken by the eldest of Silvia Pinal’s daughters, assuring that the multi-award-winning actress does not even want to hear any of the interpreter’s songs again.

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