Hosts Amy Robach and TJ Holmes, of “Good Morning America 3”, leave the air after romantic relationship

New York (CNN Business) — Amy Robach and TJ Holmes, hosts of ABC News’ “Good Morning America 3,” have gone off the air after their romantic relationship was publicly revealed, the network’s president, Kim Godwin, announced Monday morning to her colleagues. collaborators, according to a person familiar with the matter.

“I’m going to talk about something that has become an internal and external distraction: the relationship between two of our colleagues,” Godwin said. “And by that, I want to say that while that relationship doesn’t violate company policy, I’ve really taken the last few days to think and work on what I think is best for the ABC News organization. So for now I’m going to take Amy and TJ off the air while we figure this out.”

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TJ Holmes and Amy Robach on the set of “Good Morning America” ​​in New York on May 11, 2021. (Credit: RW/MediaPunch/IPX/AP)

Godwin added that these types of decisions “are not easy, they are not instinctive, but they are necessary for the brand.” He also asked the staff to “stop gossiping in the hallways” about the matter.

“We cannot function with gossip, speculation and rumors,” he warned. “We have to stay focused on work.”

Godwin said, however, that if employees believe there is something management needs to know, they should contact human resources or a manager they trust.

The decision occurs after the medium Daily Mail reported last week that the two presenters kept a secret affair for months, and published photos of the couple.

ABC News correspondents Gio Benitez and Stephanie Ramos will serve as temporary anchors for the show, which airs at 1 pm ET, Godwin said.

People familiar with the matter previously told CNN that when the Daily Mail first contacted ABC News seeking comment on the relationship between Robach and Holmes, a surprised spokesperson for the network tried to determine if the allegation was true. The spokesman contacted Holmes, who rejected the tabloid’s information.

The chain’s spokesman tried to refute the tabloid’s information. The Daily Mail He did not back down and published his explosive story. When ABC representatives later viewed the images included in the story of the Daily MailThis caught them by surprise, the people familiar with the matter said.

ABC News declined to comment on the matter.

Following reports of the relationship, Robach and Holmes continued to host the show. But Monday’s announcement suggests the chain is taking the situation seriously.

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