He found out that Almada says yes to Tri, puts his resignation on automatic and leaves

The one who would renounce the Tri, with Almada out
The one who would renounce the Tri, with Almada out

Guillermo Almada already received a call from the Mexican Soccer Federationl to know your conditions and to know what you must do to take the reins of the National Team of Mexico for the 2026 process.

In this sense, the coach knows that he has a chance to take the position, due to his three years of knowledge of Mexican soccer, but above all, because he has worked in the two teams that bet heavily on the youth system, Santos and Pachuca.

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In that sense, Almada does want to lead the Mexican team, but he will also have to clean up the sacred cows and there is one who would already say goodbye to the Tri, by stating that he wants to be more with his family and relatives.

What El Tri player would already consider leaving with Almada?

The one who would consider his departure, with Almada within the Mexican national team, would be Hector Herrera, Who knows that perhaps he will no longer have the chances to be called up, due to his low level and because he plays in the MLS.

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