The sentence of a Mexican fan in Qatar

Édgar Luna, sent

DOHA, Qatar., December 3 (EL UNIVERSAL).- He arrives at the Khalifa International Stadium, with an armed shirt. Half Green, Half American: Why Does It Come Like This? “Because I come to support my son’s team, I come to support my second homeland, the United States.”

Of Mexico, of the Mexican Selection, preferable for now not to speak. “Those what. They’re already dead. These are their parents, these are the ones who now rule the area,” she shouts forcefully.

He assures that Mexico has well earned its elimination from Qatar 2022, “pure clowns, that’s what they are. Look for me to declare it to you, who am passionate about this, I like it very much … Mexico could not with three games with him, with the crap coaches they bring”.

So giant… “Giant what… The giants are the others. And look what a Mexican is telling you.” Her son speaks like little, between Spanish and English, his father, “instilled in me the love for this sport, soccer is great.”

But… “I will always support the United States. The others are gone. Today we go with the United States.”


“If Canelo doesn’t make Messi nervous, Mexico will go to the round of 16”: they harass and mock El Tri for his failure in Qatar 2022

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