“There is no consolation”: Heartbreaking message from the girlfriend of the soccer player who died suddenly

This November 29, Argentine media confirmed that Andrés Balanta, Colombian midfielder and champion with Cali in 2021, had died. The death of the player took the world by surprise, because days before Balanta, apparently, was fine. In the face of the unfortunate news, sports teams, family, acquaintances and friends have expressed their condolences.

In fact, Camila Zuk, the player’s girlfriend, also posted a moving farewell message that she shared along with a photo of the two.

According to the woman’s social networks, Andrés Balanta and she were very close. They went out to parties together, they shared and they looked very happy. “We said until death do us part. I’m going to love you all my life. Until God finds us again, my love, ”wrote the woman on her Instagram account.

Andres Balanta
Andres Balanta (Capture)

The post was filled with comments of strength and encouragement for Zuk. Well, his followers showed him support in the face of the difficult situation he is going through. Zuk also shared some stories in which he thanked the messages: “Thank you all for your messages, there is no consolation.” And I add: “Sometimes I don’t understand the plans of God but I thank you for knowing love with the most wonderful man. It will be in my heart that it will always belong to him.

The player would have a medical history

It is clear that the death of Andrés Balanta was not expected by anyone. In fact, this Monday he was training for the start of the pre-season in Argentina. However, the young man had already presented some health problems in 2019 during his training sessions. At that time, the doctor’s diagnosis was “an abrupt drop in glucose, which alerts one to constant monitoring, control of curves of glycemia”.

The player died after being rushed to the Centro de Salud hospital when he suffered a suspected cardiac arrest. However, the death of the 22-year-old Colombian soccer player is under investigation.

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