Karol G shines inside the pool at half light like a mermaid

Like a little mermaid!, the beautiful Medellin babe Karol G impressed social networks with a photo session from the pool, this in dim light and posing beyond all coquetry for her fans.

The beauty Carol G. She posed in three photographs with a thick, light-colored swimsuit, which she complemented with a thin chain, her face quite natural and her hair collected and quite relaxed.

The Colombian singer posed with most of her impressive anatomy in the water, at night and with a light that shone on her and came out of the water. The beautiful interpreter does not hesitate to be the most natural for the fans.

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Carol G. She has proven to be a very intelligent and talented woman, which is why she developed her career as a singer to later also become an actress and, without a doubt, a professional model for her followers.

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The Girl of Medellin She is one of the most beloved women in reggaeton, recently social networks brought her to mind more than ever after it was announced that Yailín, the most viral partner of Annuel AA, is pregnant.


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