I would terminate the contract to the club’s historic

The directive of the Eagles intends to free a place for foreigners at all costs.

America would lose a pillar of the team.
© MEDIA JAMAmerica would lose a pillar of the team.

The America is already getting in tune to face the Closing Tournament 2023 of the MX League. In the next few days the team will travel to Cancun to start with the physical stage of the preseason, but from the nest the board of directors has in mind to open a place as a foreigner.

One of the Names that sound the most to leave the institution is Bruno Valdez, the defender with the most goals in history. The Paraguayan contract ends in mid-2023 and so far there are no intentions to renew him, on the contrary, they want to let him out at once.

At the time, there was talk of an interest on the part of an MLS club to acquire the services of the 30-year-old Guaraní central defender, but everything remained a mere poll. Now, Zaritzi Sosa, a reporter for TUDNannounced that the defender his days are numbered in Coapa.

Bruno Valdez would be the first casualty of America

The Eagles have faith that they will find a team for the Paraguayan, but if not, there is a possibility that they will reach an agreement. agreement to terminate the contract Immediately.

Bruno Valdez has one foot outside Club América, he knows that he does not enter into plans, he knows that there will be no renewal and they are looking for a team where he has more regularity, Due to the excess of foreigners, it is possible that the board of directors can terminate your contract“said the journalist.

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