Fernando Hierro assured that there will be reinforcements for Chivas for the Clausura 2023

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The new Sports Director of Guadalajara explained the reason why no additions have been announced so far.


In the Chivas fans there is a constant concern ahead of the start of the Clausura 2023 and it is the issue of reinforcements for the team, so it ishe Herd Sports Director, Fernando Hierro, He clarified the panorama and confirmed that there will be additions to the squad, but he wants to make the right decisions about which players and in which positions it is necessary to add a new footballer.

Through a video from Qatar, the The new manager of Guadalajara appeared to explain his position to the fans with respect to the incorporations that “undoubtedly” there will be, but that must be thought through consciously.

“Undoubtedly. We have it in our heads, but we cannot reinforce without first analyzingWe can’t rush. That people understand that there is a phase of analysis, which is the one we are in with the coach, with his team. After analyzing, we will have to make decisions, but we do not have to rush.

“Fiking for signing does not make sense, We have to analyze the squad very well, analyze the area we want to reinforce very well. Rushing would be a mistake, we have to have good sense, calm and a great capacity for analysis”, explained the manager on the Chivas YouTube channel.

What’s next for Chivas?

Guadalajara is about to enter a phase of great wear and tear, since according to the itinerary shared by the institution a few weeks ago, the rojiblanco first team will travel to Spain next Monday, December 5 to face Getafe on the 8th of this month and later, on the 11th, against Athletic Bilbao.

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