A BLOODY Argentine fighter CHALLENGED Canelo to defend Messi: “He’s a coward, I’d love to…”

After attacking Leo, the Mexican boxer received a harsh response in networks from a specialist in “everything goes”.

Canelo Alvarez Franco Tenaglia

The boxer Canelo Álvarez exploded with fury against Lionel Messiwhom openly threatened behind the 2-0 of the Argentine National Team to Mexicofor the second date of Group C of the Qatar World Cup 2022. A unknown Argentine fighter picked up the glove and challenged the Mexican boxer: “He’s a shit. I’d love to beat him up personally to defend my idol”sentenced Franco Tenagliaspecialist in “anything goes”.

Canelo Álvarez exploded against Lionel Messi after the victory of the Argentine National Team over Mexico: “Let him ask God not to find him for me!”

The anger of the current absolute super middleweight world champion originated after the announcement of the celebrations of Lionel Scaloni’s team in the locker room, especially with the 10, author of the goal that paved the way. In a nutshell, Canelo accused Messi of “clean the floor with a Mexico shirt”something that It did not happen but it went viral on social networks through a video taken out of context.

When reviewing the images, it is observed that in reality the captain, who is admired for his humility on and off the pitch, he is taking off his boots, and he is far from stepping on the shirt on purpose that he surely exchanged with a rival player after the game. However, he generated the anger of Canelo: “Did you see Messi cleaning the floor with our shirt and flag? Ask God that he doesn’t find me. Just as I respect Argentina, they have to respect Mexico. I’m not talking about the country (Argentina), I’m talking about Messi because of his blowjob that He did. The fans are one thing, we as an example another… Don’t be so much”say the boxer’s posts on his Twitter account.

Canelo Álvarez and his anger against Lionel Messi

Franco Tenaglia

Franco Tenaglia, the bloody Argentine fighter who challenges Canelo Álvarez to defend Lionel Messi

Once Canelo’s tweets against Messi went viral, the Argentine wrestler Franco Tenaglia picked up the glove and challenged the Mexican on social networks: “If you have a problem with Messi, we fix it quickly”he wrote in an Instagram story accompanied by a brutal fight he was part of.


TyC Sports He contacted the “anything goes” specialist, who had no mercy against the boxer: “Canelo is a coward, because he is inviting Messi, who is a soccer player, to fight, he is not telling him to play a soccer game, he wants to take him to the area that knows best”he expressed. Then she referred to the video of the controversy: “He is super ignorant, because Messi did not kick any shirt, it was without intention, he was taking off his boots”.

To close, Tenaglia was encouraged to challenge Canelo: “He’s a shit, he should challenge someone who is at his level, that’s why I want to grab him myself. I am Argentine and I love Messi. I’d love to face it, I know that I would beat him up because I fight MMA and he only does boxing. I would love to beat him up personally to defend my compatriot, my idol. Messi is the most respectful person there is, he would never do something like that. Mexicans get a lot of coke to their heads”.

Who is Franco Tenaglia, the fighter who wants to “beat up” Canelo Álvarez

Franco Tenaglia He is 26 years old and was born in Burzaco, South Zone of Greater Buenos Aires. At the age of 18 she left Argentina and currently lives in Alicante, Spain. He defined himself as a “old school anything goes fighter, no rules, no gloves, no nothing”. Franco fights all over the world and told an anecdote about one of his best fights: “I already beat an Englishman, I knocked him out in England at Wembley Stadium, in front of 14,000 people and with my left hand, as Diego did in 1986. They gave me up for lost because he was the champion and then they wanted to kill each other “.

This is how Franco Tenaglia fights, the Argentine who challenged Canelo Álvarez to defend Lionel Messi


This is how Franco Tenaglia fights, the Argentine who challenged Canelo Álvarez to defend Lionel Messi

Photos: @fran_tenaglia on Instagram.

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