Shakira already “has” a Colombian boyfriend, according to the Catalan media

Shakira is already an officially separated woman and that has unleashed a wave of conjecture and rumors in Spain. country where he lived in recent years with his ex-partner, former soccer player Gerard Piqué, who has also remade his life with a new love, the Spanish Clara Chía.

This new relationship between Piqué has been a headache for the Colombian, as it occurred just months after the end of the 12-year relationship between the singer and the footballer was announced, in the midst of an international commotion that sharpened more with the two singles that the Colombian released this year, Congratulations Y Monotonywhose lyrics are a clear expression of the pain that the Latin diva felt and the possible reasons for the separation: infidelity and lack of love.

So far, Shakira has only been focused on her two children, 9-year-old Milan and 7-year-old Sasha, whom she has accompanied at their baseball games. and with whom she has shared her sporting victories, showing herself to be a dedicated full-time mother, who also divides her time between caring for her father, who has suffered serious health problems, to the point of sending him to a clinic in Barcelona, ​​and creation of her defense documents in the case of the alleged fraud awarded to her by the Spanish Treasury, for taxes that the Colombian would not have paid.

This whole panorama is very bleak for the singer to be willing to open up to love again. However, Spanish and specifically Catalan media argue that the interpreter of Hips Don’t Lie He already has a new love in his heart and would be a countryman of the singer, who would also share the singer’s tastes for solidarity and philanthropic activities.

“Shakira, a new Colombian boyfriend to forget Piqué and Clara Chía”, was the headline used by the newspaperThe National’ of Catalonia to give the supposed news, to which he added the following sentence: “Shakira’s heart could be busy again and it is not her surf coach.”

A few days ago, some images of Shakira surfing with her children and a man who acted as a coach came to light, who very kindly helped the singer to button and unbutton the special suit to practice this discipline, which sparked rumors about a loving relationship between them.

The Spanish article effectively managed to deny the alleged affair between Shakira and the surfer, but added to the theory of Mhoni Vidente, the tarot reader and astrologer who had stated that Shakira has a boyfriend who “is Colombian, lives in Miami and is an athlete. They get along very well and this boy has just opened a school for poor children in Colombia”.

This was the driving force for the Spanish newspaper and they used it to support their theory that Shakira already has a new boyfriend, whom they tried to call “savior”, as they argue that “in fact, (Shakira) would have to find a man who would I would really like after so much suffering. In love, the Colombian has never had a very good eye. The same thing that happened to her with the footballer (Piqué), she happened to Antonio de la Rúa ”.

At the moment, Shakira has not given clues about this relationship with the supposed Colombian, since the last time she was seen in public was when she appeared before a Spanish court to sign the final separation with Piqué, wearing a blocky black outfit with side-slit pants, oversized black sunglasses, and a Burberry coat from the new collection festiveof which she herself is the image.

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