Martino mocked the Tri and Martinoli unmasks his most overrated player

Martinoli reveals who was the most overrated of the Tri
Martinoli reveals who was the most overrated of the Tri

The sports analyst Christian Martinoli recognized that the process of Gerardo Martino began to dilute after the last year of management of the Argentine strategist who failed to make a replacement in the Mexican team and ended up taking overrated players.

One of the elements that Christian Martinoli criticized is the Mexican striker Raúl Jiménez who not only not only scored goals in this World Cup in Qatar, but also has reaped a negative record throughout his process with the Mexican National Team.

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According to Christian Martinoli, striker Raúl Jiménez is one of the most overrated in Gerardo Martino’s squad, since he should not have been among the list of 26 elements, since he contributed little or nothing to Tata Martino’s scheme.

Why does Martinoli call Raúl Jiménez overrated?

Throughout his process as a striker for Tri, Raúl Jiménez has played in the Olympic Games, two Confederations Cups, three World Cups and has barely scored a goal in 2017. It is not that he has been unbalancing in the qualifiers either.

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