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By Jerry Diaz/ @Jerryto94

The sudden call of Cuban baseball players residing outside the Island to the national team for the World Classic has aroused different reactions among fans and baseball players.

Yoenis Céspedes and Luis Robert are cases of active players who agreed to the Cuban Federation. The latter currently plays in MLB with the Chicago White Sox. Others have shown their refusal from the beginning such as Randy Arozarena who will be with Mexico, Néstor Cortés who will do so for the United States or Raisel Iglesias and Aroldis Chapman who prefer not to participate rather than do so with the FCB.

Although it is not clearly known who the ballplayers contacted are due to the constant secrecy of the Cuban government entity, there are already some who comment on it on their social networks.

“Showing Julio Robaina how I left the communists in sight when they invited me to the Classic” with laughing emojis behind.

Some comments on networks have alluded to the lack of commitment of athletes like Cionel for not wanting to participate with Cuba in the tournament next March. They allege that “they do not want to represent their people.”

Out of respect for the position of each one, I say: To represent Cuba and its people, it is not necessary to agree with an appendage of the Cuban dictatorship such as the Baseball Federation. All Cuban baseball players represent Cuba and its people when they are playing in any tournament, especially at the highest level, the Major Leagues.

Returning to both players, the pitcher from Matanzas had his best campaign in the Big Show. With the Baltimore Orioles he threw 57.2 innings in 66 relievers. He posted a 1.40 ERA with seven wins, one loss, one save and 25 holds. This last metric represents a record for a season among Cubans. He surpassed Yoan López’s 21 in 2019.

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