Technology demonstrated if Cristiano Ronaldo touched the ball in Portugal’s goal against Uruguay

Qatar 2022 – Portugal Vs Uruguay – FIFA gave Bruno Fernandes the first goal

On Monday, Portugal he joined to France Y Brazil like the only three teams to win their first two games in the World Cup Qatar 2022. Those led by Fernando Santos they defeated 2-0 Uruguay and the controversy of the duel was around who scored the goal that broke the zero on the scoreboard: a poisonous cross from Bruno Fernandes searched for Cristiano Ronaldo as a receiver inside the area and the doubt remained if the forward touched the ball or if it entered Rochet’s goal without any deflection.

Once the ball reached the back of the net, CR7 He went out to celebrate the score with his former Manchester United teammate, fully convinced that he was the author of the goal. When he began to walk towards half court for the half kick, the Portuguese gestured to the referee Alireza Faghani to confirm if he had awarded the goal and the judge gave him the positive approval. However, seconds later on the screen of the Lusail Iconic Stadium it was confirmed that FIFA granted the authorship to Bruno Fernandes arousing the indignation of the Bug.

To clear any doubts, adidas issued a statement on Tuesday to give irrefutable data on the play. “In the match between Portugal and Uruguay, using the connected ball technology that contains the official Al Rihla ball, we can definitively prove that there was no contact with the ball by Cristiano Ronaldo in the first goal of the game. No external force on the ball could be measured, as evidenced by the absence of ‘beats’ in our measurements and in the accompanying graph. The 500 Hz IMU sensor located inside the ball allows us to be very precise in our analysis,” the brand explained to ESPN.

The ball data showed that there was no contact from Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal's 1-0 (Photo: AFP)
The ball data showed that there was no contact from Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal’s 1-0 (Photo: AFP)

The ball includes technology that can provide real-time data to referees. In the original press release from July, where the ball prototype was unveiled, it was stated that the innovative set-up would “help to report offside situations, as well as to detect unclear touches, thus improving the quality and the speed of the VAR decision-making process.” For the first time in this World Cup, it was used to determine who to award a goal to.

“I celebrated as if it had belonged to Cristiano. It seemed to me that he had touched the ball. My objective was to cross the ball for him”, explained Bruno Fernandes after the victory against Uruguay. Far from creating a dispute, he concentrated on what was really important: “We are happy with the victory, regardless of who scored. I give more importance to being first in the group. That’s what we want”.

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