Lucerito Mijares is crowned as an icon for young women with this look with an impressive secret

Lucerito Mijares He does not stop surprising his followers, because in addition to standing out in music for his incredible voice, he is also gaining a place as aor fashion icon for young girls. As an example, there is her most recent participation in a concert of her parents in which she wore a set of high-waisted pants, however, later she revealed an impressive secret that moved her fans and also sparked some laughter .

Some days ago Lucero and Manuel Mijares they appeared in el National Auditorium con his tour “Until we were made“and again had the special participation of his youngest daughter, who has begun to steal the attention of his fans for his impressive talent, but also for his charisma, which shows in the dressing rooms before going on stage, because a video is going viral where you can see the young woman, 17 years oldshowing that under his elegant wardrobe he wears some avocado socks.

Lucerito Mijares shows that he wears avocado socks Photo: Special

In the video, captured by one of her friends who accompanied her that night and taken up by a fan account in TikTokis observed to Lucerito sitting on a chair while laughing out loud. Everything seems to indicate that she was amused that she even though she was dressed with one of his best lookswore some curious socks that had the image of the fruit, which he bragged to the camera, unleashing another laugh.

Lucerito Mijares fashion icon for young women

During the concert of the interpreters of the “Privilege to Love”, Lucerito Mijares appeared in a completely black outfit, but one that drew attention due to its youthful design, andbecause on top she had a rhinestone-embellished blouse that shone when the lights of the place hit them. However, the protagonist of the look wasl high waisted pant that made her stylize her figure, thus following one of the trends that have captivated many girls her age as Angela Aguilar.

The singer chose a pants that reached above the waist which had a couple of large buttons in the area, it also had wide legs, which gave a retro style to her outfit, which was perfect for the show, since she performed songs from Tina Turnerone of the artists she admires, as she revealed in her Instagram post, where she replicated part of her presentation and received hundreds of positive reactions from her fans and of course from some members of the show.

“Thank you National Auditorium, I thank you with all my heart for your applause and love! @tinaturner I love you,” he added in the description of the Instagram video, a platform on which he has 426,000 followers. As expected, she received the affection of his admirers, but above all from some artists, as was the case with his own mother, Lucero, who wrote “How do I put a million hearts on this post?!”

“La novia de América” ​​was not the only one to fall captive to her talent, as Mariana Seoane, Aracely Arámbula, Angélica Vale and Gilberto Gless also left good comments for the young artist who, despite not having made her official debut as a singer, She is already recognized and has many fans, who hope that she will soon cheer up and release an album in which she shows her style, away from her parents.


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