Jowell and Randy retract their apologies for inviting women to take their clothes off at their concert in Mexico

First they apologize and seven hours later they repented of their statements. This is how the duo of reggaeton Jowell and Randy after the controversy generated after several fans stripped to the waist while dancing on stage during a concert in Mexico.

This morning, Wednesday, the reggaeton duo apologized for what happened at their concert through extensive communication on social networks.

“Unfortunately, this past Sunday in our ‘show’ things got out of control and things happened with several fans that unfortunately should not have happened in a scenario of this caliber,” the singers pointed out in their official Instagram account.

The artists insisted, however, that what happened to the public during their performance at the Coca-Cola Flow Fest in Mexico developed in a “spontaneous, organic way.”

“By this means we wish to express our most sincere apologies to those who have been offended by what happened. In our hearts there is a lot of respect for the country and our fans. We have never intended to offend anyone,” they added.

Jowell and Randy also noted that they listen to criticism and are always looking for ways to “improve.”

They regret what they said

However, his statements could be forgotten before a new publication on his Facebook account this afternoon.

Absolutely with Nobody I apologize … Here we all grew up with La Teta en la Boca”, expressed the couple next to the photo of two of the girls who went on stage.

The criticism intensified after some fans took off their tops and bras while dancing on stage during one of the reggaeton duo’s songs.

Although they voluntarily took the stage, it has been criticized that Jowell and Randy promoted what happened and that the latter even brought his face close to the breasts of one of the women.

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