Javier Aguirre attacks Rayados for having thrown him out of the club

Monterrey, NL /

Javier Aguirre was fired from striped in the Closing 2022when he had barely managed a few games in the tournament, so this Wednesday he attacked the club after the elimination of Mexico in the World Cup in Qatar.

And it is that in the TUDN program that is carried out at the headquarters of the World Cup, they talked about the reasons for the failure of Mexico and the Basque He linked the issue with the fact that there is no good management in the clubs, such as the fact that he was fired with only two defeats at the start of the campaign.

“Monterrey threw me out with two losses, with two losses on Date 5, how do you explain that?” Aguirre said in Los Maestros En La Jugada.

It should be remembered that Monterey He failed in the same period in the Club World Cup, so the fans were the ones who were already crying out for him to leave.

Mountains, to Europe?

On the other hand, he also attacked the issue of Cesar Montesbecause he feels that Rayados is blocking his exit to Europe.

“A club that doesn’t want to sell, boom! It puts 20 million on Montes and that’s not it anymore, you put it on 5 million and it leaves tomorrow.”

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