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Adele is a singer recognized for her voice, talent and above all for her charisma. This could be seen in on the night of November 27, after one of his concerts in Las Vegas, when he walked up to talk to a sobbing fan.

In order to get closer to her and take a picture, the 34-year-old artist went down from the stage towards Jamy, the young woman who at that moment was recording the entire situation with her cell phone.

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But the really curious thing about the video was the reaction of the interpreter of ‘Hello’ when seeing the girl on the screen, who was filming with the front camera as a ‘selfie’.

The interpreter of ‘Rolling in the deep’ was surprised to see her image.


TikTok: @ilovejamyg

With wide eyes and a grimace, Adele was shocked to see the beauty filter that was activatedwhich made her look more tanned, with much thicker lips and with a retouching of makeup on her eyes and cheekbones that made her look very different from how she was at that time.

Oh my God, what have you done to my face? Woah, girl, get that filter off my face” the singer told him between laughs.

“That’s unreal, why are you using filters like that?” she asked her during the concert at Caesars Palace Coliseum. The public quickly burst into laughter at her reaction and even more so with the conversation that followed this.

“We don’t see each other like this, honey,” he continued, to which the fan replied tearfully and sadly: “I know.”

Jamy was so overwhelmed that He could not answer the other questions from the star, because every time he tried to speak, only tears and sobs of happiness came out.

So much so that Adele had to hug her and ask her not to cry. Question that did not help much, since the emotion surpassed the fanatic.

In the clip, which the girl later uploaded to social networks, you can read in the description how the moment was for her.

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Adele randomly approached me and made me forget my entire existence and just followed me and cried,” she wrote.

The video originally published on his TikTok @ILoveJamyG already has more than 800,000 views and has been replicated by several Twitter accounts, managing to go viral in two days.

Adele’s shows in Las Vegas

After several months of waiting, rumors and controversial news due to the cancellation of the London star’s shows, finally Adele has begun her residency in Las Vegas, where she has already performed classics like ‘Rolling In The Deep’ and the songs from her latest album ’30’.

The 34-year-old singer returned after several years of retirement.

the season, which began on November 18 and will go until March 25, 2023, was called “Weekends with Adele” and takes place at Caesars Palace Coliseum.

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