Two Sevillian doctors, among the ‘Top Doctors’ of private medicine in Spain

Two Sevillian doctors have been awarded at the 9th edition of the awards Top Doctorsa contest in which the national and international training, clinical skills, degree of specialization and years of experience of these professionals are valued.

This renowned annual list includes the 50 Spanish doctors and medical specialists from private medicine most voted by the medical group itself, although the opinion of their patients is also taken into account. Among them, seven Andalusians stand out, of which two practice private medicine in Seville.

Specifically, the awarded Sevillians have been cardiologists Ernesto Diaz Infante, a renowned cardiologist in Seville who has more than two decades of medical experience. He is a national eminence in the diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias in Seville, with exclusive dedication in his consultation at the Vithas Nisa Seville Hospital, according to the page of Top Doctor. Currently, he runs the Electrophysiology and Arrhythmias Unit of Hospital Virgen Macarena and Hospital Vithas.

On the other hand, the specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics, Francisco Márquez Maraver, with special dedication to the minimally invasive treatment of gynecological cancer, and medical director of the insego center, gynecologist specialist at the Women’s Health Center and former coordinator of the Oncological Gynecology Section of the Virgen Macarena Hospital. Currently, the doctor Márquez Maraver is head of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Service of the Vithas Nisa Hospital in Seville.

The rest of outstanding Andalusians They are Dr. Alejandro Rodríguez Morata, a specialist in Angiology and Vascular Surgery in Malaga; Dr. Pedro José Rosón Rodríguez, from the Digestive System in Malaga; the hair surgeon Francisco Javier Ruiz Solanes, also in Malaga; Dr. Joaquín Vizcaíno Ricomá, a specialist in Pneumology, specifically respiratory diseases and sleep disorders, in Almería; and Dr. Jesús Maldonado Contreras, from the Pain Unit, in Malaga’s private healthcare.

All the votes are compared with the evaluations of the patients, “to ensure that the winners have, in addition to the recognition of their peers, the confirmation by their patients as top-level professionals.”

These awards include the 50 Spanish doctors and specialists in private medicine most voted for by the medical community itself throughout the year among the 5,000 votes collected. Voting is based on the following criteria for each doctor: years of experience, their national and international training, clinical skills, degree of specialization or positions of responsibility, among others.

In the survey, Top Doctors recommends that, together with the professional criteria mentioned above, they take into account when voting that they are doctors whom they would go or recommend in case of personal illness or that of a family member. In this edition, more than 5,000 recommendations from professionals have been collected, of which the 50 most valued have been selected.

The winners have the best scores recognized by patients. Given the importance of comments and evaluations, due to their influence on the decision-making of other patients, Top Doctors has implemented a verification system that guarantees the authenticity of the more than 235,000 opinions that are shared on the platform. Currently patients give a rating of 4.8 out of 5 to doctors. “75% of people consult the opinions before making a decision. For this reason, at Top Doctors, we guarantee the authenticity of all the opinions and we make sure that all the comments are real. To do this, we verify the evaluations through of an authentication system,” says Lorena Bassas, co-founder of Top Doctors.

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