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That life is a miracle is one of those truths that is only remembered when a case of sudden death appears, a tragedy for each family that suffers from it.

Sadly, that family today is called Balanta Cifuentes, the one who lost their son Andrés, just at the age of 22, due to a heart problem, according to what his current club, Atlético Tucumán, explained.

There are those who have a second chance, like Iker Casillas who hastened his retirement due to a heart attack, or the Danish Christian Eriksen himself, today playing in the World Cup in Qatar after suffering an attack on the pitch during the last Euro Cup.

But others did not have that possibility. These are some remembered cases of sudden death in football:

Andres Balanta
This November 29, the Colombian fainted during a training session for Atlético Tucumán and, although he was quickly taken to a hospital, he could not be revived. He was 22 years old.

marc vivien foe
During a match between Cameroon and the Colombian National Team for the Confederations Cup, the 28-year-old footballer collapsed. Despite the desperation of the Colombians calling for help and resuscitation attempts, he died on the pitch.

david astore
The Italian, at the service of Fiorentina, died in his hotel room before a match due to a change in his heart rate. When they found it there was nothing to do.

Anthony Gate
The Spanish Sevilla player collapsed at halftime in a match against Getafe. He died three days later in a hospital, at the age of 22.

Piermario Morosini
The Italian midfielder from Livorno felt bad 31 minutes into a game and fainted: he tried to revive himself on the pitch, he was transferred to a hospital but there he died an hour later, at the age of 25.

Dani Jarque
The Spanish defender suffered a heart attack during training while playing for Espanyol. He passed away in his hotel room while talking to his girlfriend. He was 26 years old.

Cristian ‘Chucho’ Benitez
He died at the age of 27 from a cardiac complication. He complained of pain and managed to get to a hospital in Qatar, but they failed to save his life.He was one of the idols of the Ecuadorian National Team.

Christian Gomez
The Argentine defender of Atlético Taraná in Brazil collapsed on the pitch in a B Nacional match and died right there.

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