Pelé is hospitalized and undergoing tests in São Paulo; he does not respond to chemotherapy and there are concerns about his health

The arrival of Pele to the hospital was not scheduled; the former player presented a picture of inflammation throughout the body

The former player of the Brazil’s selection, Pele, was admitted again to the Albert Einstein hospital, in the southern area of ​​São Paulo, last Tuesday. Unlike the last visits of the ‘Athlete of the Century’ (past), this time his visit was not scheduled. The idol was carried by his wife, Marcia Aokiand by a caregiver after he presented a picture of inflammation throughout the body.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the medical staff caring for the former player confirmed the condition of anasarca (general swelling), an edematous syndrome (general edema) and also identified “decompensated heart failure.”

Another problem reported by the medical staff is that the chemotherapy carried out in recent months has not had the expected effects on the tumors present in various organs of the body of the “King of Soccer”.

Pele will undergo a variety of tests this Wednesday for a more in-depth evaluation of the problems detected and the organs compromised by the metastatic cancer.

Pele, who was very restless when he entered the hospital, was also diagnosed with mental confusion. The exams this Wednesday will also evaluate the possibility of hepatic encephalopathy.

The delicate picture and the treatment of cancer that does not respond as expected worry the medical staff and family members.

Weak, the former player, who has difficulty eating, is with his wife and a caregiver waiting for the results of the tests to learn the next steps in treatment. There is no forecast of medical discharge for the King.

ESPN tried to get in touch with the doctors who treat the health problems of Pelebut still not answered about the current state of the Rio de Janeiro legend,

Marcia, the wife of Peleconfirmed the hospitalization, but noted that the former player is undergoing monthly chemotherapy tests and tests.

The agent of Pele, Joe Fraga, was also searched Tuesday night. He said he was not yet updated on the clinical status of Pele.

Pele’s daughter talks about her father’s state of health

In social networks, Kely Nacimientodaughter of Peleassured that his father is in the hospital because his medical staff is regulating his medications and criticized the press that has published false news about the health of ‘O Rei’.

“Hello my friends. Much alarm in the media today about my dad’s health. He is in the hospital regulating medication. Some of my brothers are visiting Brazil. There are no surprises or emergencies. I will be there for New Years and I promise to publish some photos. Really, we appreciate the concern and love,” he wrote.

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