Mr. Aboubakar’s goal that was worth getting up early

Aboubakar signedó  one of the most beautiful goals so far in Qatar 2022 (Photo by: Richard Sellers/Getty Images)

Aboubakar signed one of the most beautiful goals so far in Qatar 2022 (Photo by: Richard Sellers/Getty Images)

vincent aboubakar He has just put in one of his best performances of his career, and what better place to do it than in a World Cup, in a match charged with many emotions. In addition to being a key player for his team to start an epic comeback, the Cameroonian striker collaborated with an assist and with one of what can be considered one of the most beautiful goals so far this year Qatar 2022.

The Al-Nassr striker from Saudi Arabia and number 10 of the Indomitable Lions team watched from the bench the win that his team was receiving at the hands of the Serbian team. Aboubakar entered the field of play at minute 55 of the match and it took less than 10 minutes for him to make a tremendous difference. By then, the Cameroonian bomber was in charge of signing an aesthetically pleasing goal in a match where this goal became the icing on the cake.

The former Porto star received a long pass behind the Balkan defenders who, for the moment, seemed to have left him out of place. Aboubakar controlled the ball without any complications and went one-on-one with the goalkeeper. Just yards from the goal, central defender Miloš Veljković caught up with him and launched with a tackle, but had to keep going long as the striker left him seeded thanks to a cutback.

Before defining, Aboubakar made a slight pause to observe where the goalkeeper was and once he saw him almost in front of his nose, he decided to define by pumping the ball. to leave the Serbian goalkeeper without opportunities. The ball bounced before entering the goal, almost colliding with the crossbar and blew up the stadium, which housed several Cameroonian fans among its stands.

Aboubakar's goal brought the ball closer;  on the scoreboard the Indomitable Lions on the scoreboard (Photo by: ADRIAN DENNIS / AFP) (Photo by: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images)

Aboubakar’s goal brought the Indomitable Lions closer to the scoreboard (Photo by: ADRIAN DENNIS / AFP) (Photo by: ADRIAN DENNIS / AFP via Getty Images)

In the first instance, despite the cry of the public and his colleagues, Aboubakar did not even celebrate because he knew that he could be marked offside, in addition to the fact that the third assistant had raised his flag. It was clear that he had been left alone against the goalie to be in the right position. However, after a few seconds, the VAR indicated that the annotation was totally valid. With the signaling, the scream that had been deprived found its way out.

This performance not only earned Vincent Aboubakar the man of the match award, but also provided him with a valuable point for his team that can still dream of qualifying for the next round of the World Cup.


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