Kristina Lilley, actress of ‘Pasión de gavilanes’, opened her heart and confessed that she has cancer

Kristina Lilley, remembered for her role as Gabriela Acevedo in Passion of Hawkssurprised all her followers on Tuesday and confirmed that she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Through her personal Instagram account, the Colombian-American artist published a heartfelt video and pointed out that she once again has to face this harsh disease. Also, she shared an emotional message.

“My awakening is to tell you my story. Difficult moments that little by little are being overcome. Thanks for listening,” she initially wrote to accompany the recording, which quickly went viral.

The well-known actress, in the same way, took advantage of the moment to reveal that she recently underwent a double mastectomy. In addition, she pointed out that she is currently quite well.

“Two months ago I was re-diagnosed with breast cancer. Quickly, I had all the exams, the appointment with the surgeon, I had a double mastectomy and now I still have an appointment with the oncologist”, added.

Later, The Colombian-American artist specified: “I am very well, I am quite calm. I’m not going to read comments, I’m not going to answer opinions, nothing. I just wanted to tell you.”

Lilley, who has worked on numerous international and national productions, reiterated that his health is good and that he hopes everything goes well in the upcoming exams.

After this surprising announcement, the renowned actress of Passion of Hawks received hundreds of messages of support from some personalities of the national show business. One of the first to speak out was Yaneth Waldman.

“My love, I send you all my love. Yes you have been a warrior and you will continue to be. I send you many kisses. speedy full recovery.” the famous presenter wrote in the publication.

The artist finally sent a small reflection to all the women who follow her on the different social networks so that they understand the importance of self-examination and taking care of themselves regarding this harsh disease.

It should be remembered that the renowned actress was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2010, which she successfully overcame with a three-year treatment. However, months later she confirmed for the first time that she had breast cancer, which she also beat thanks to early detection.

“As women, we have the commitment to perform cytology every year, but our couples also have the responsibility to be participants in this process, to be aware of whether we have already taken the exam or not and to accompany us if necessary ”, Kristina Lilley said at the time.

Maleja Restrepo and Michel Brown, with whom he worked on the successful soap opera of Caracol Televisión were other celebrities who sent a message of support to the Colombian-American artist.

The actress recently worked on the second season of Passion of Hawks, which was released earlier this year and can currently be seen on Netflix. It is not known so far if it will be broadcast on any national channel.

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