‘Miguel Herrera was fired for you’ Halftime

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David Faitelson said it to Christian Martinoli’s face. Not even the great friendship and respect between the two characters limited the ESPN commentator when telling the TV Azteca narrator that “Miguel Herrera left the National Team for hitting him”stating that the louse “they cut off its legs” in a process that he was convinced by what was exhibited in the 2014 World Cup.

Sharing a program in Qatar 2022 sponsored by the telephone company Telcel, in which José Ramón Fernández and Luis García also participate, Faitelson “recriminated” Martinoli between the lines for the infamous incident at a United States airport in 2015 that cost Herrera Aguirre the job of national coach.

El Piojo will return to the National Team, according to Faitelson

According to David Faitelson, Piojo Herrera is shaping up to return to Tri once the World Cup led by Gerardo Martino concludes, whose worn-out cycle and dismal results in the World Cup – on the brink of elimination in the Group Phase -. At the time of sharing said information, it was that The one from ESPN “threw it in the face” of his former partner in Azteca Deportes.

“I come with a message for you and for our public. I tell you that Miguel Herrera is very close to returning to the National Team, to be careful in airports, better travel by train. Miguel Herrera is going to return, he is available at the moment, he is very close to the company that manages the Mexican National Team,” he said.

Miguel Herrera’s legs were cut off for that blow (to Martinoli), an extra field theme. Yes, totally reprehensible, but I hope he has matured. Cuauhtémoc Blanco hit me and I must not stop admitting that he is the best footballer of the National Team in the last 20 years, “he added.

Doctor García rejects the possible return of Herrera

in the same program Luis García Postigo regretted a possible return of Miguel Herrera to the Tricolor because, in his opinion, it is about betting on the same formula of a lifetime that has not helped the Mexican National Team to transcend in World Cups.

“We talked about changing the structures, raw materials, promotion and relegation, and we are going to return to the same thing. Let’s stop being local (…) If you want, go for Vucetich, Lapuente, Bora Milutinovic“, he pointed.

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