What is bikini medicine?

The term of bikini medicine comes from the general idea among the medical guild that the only differences between men and women in health, come from the area covered by this swimwear. Discrimination against women has multiple facets and one of the most important is to consider those that are related to the Clinical studies where new drugs or new treatment options are tried that are usually only done in male patients. In such a way, that 90 percent of the treatments have only been tested in men, so the non-beneficial response to the drugs impacts women to a greater extent. women.

Another highly relevant aspect for the women’s health is that more than 700 diseases that are not adequately diagnosed, or in which there is a delay in being recognized by the doctors because the symptoms or the physical evidence (signs) that these show differ between both sexes, as shown by a recent study of the University of Colorado in the United States of America.

so, in female patients with heart disorders It has been reported that there are up to twice as many undesirable effects from the medications that are prescribed to them as compared to those manifested by men. Another very important aspect for the female health is that the systolic pressurethe one with the highest value, has been set to a maximum value of 120 mm of mercury (Hg), but this is only valid for men, in women it should be set to a lower value of around 110 mm of Hg due to how are your blood vessels.

This is important because the early detection of this disease prevents future complications. As you will see, the bias towards men creates problems that must be resolved as soon as possible in medicine, in order to provide the best options of treatment to women.

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