Valentín Elizalde: This is how the three daughters of “El Gallo de Oro” look today after 16 years of his murder

Valentín Elizalde is one of the idols of regional Mexican music, and this Thursday, November 24, marked the 16th anniversary of the armed attack he suffered in Reynosa Tamaulipas, where he lost his life; Since then, the famous continues to be remembered by thousands of his fans in Mexico.

At the age of 27, Valentín Elizalde lost his life in an armed attack of which he was the victim. The young man from Sonora was persecuted as he left his last event at the palenque of the fair in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

About Elizalde’s career

“El Gallo de Oro” as he was also known in the music scene left a lot of sadness among his fans and especially in his family, who surprisingly received the news, in addition Valentin Elizalde left without fulfilling some of his dreams, although he was in the top of his career, he still had business and commitments to fulfill.

One of the events to which he could not arrive was the one that was scheduled for the night of November 25 in Morelia, Michoacán next to another great regional Mexican music who also passed away: Joan Sebastian, also known as “The poet of the people ”.

It should be noted that Elizalde let little be known about her private life and something that has attracted the attention of her followers is everything related to her daughters, since on several occasions there has been talk about the dispute over the inheritance that she would have left them.

Who with the daughters of Valentín Elizalde

His daughters are: Gabriela, Valentina and Valeria, all of them from different mothers; Over the years they have changed physically but also their tastes, because one of her daughters, Valentina decided to follow in her father’s footsteps within the music scene.

Gabriela Elizalde

It is the result of the first marriage of the interpreter of “I love you like this” with Gabriela Sabag; She keeps a low profile, in fact, unlike her sisters, she does not have social networks.

The sisters Valeria and Gabriela Elizalde. PHOTO: Special

Valentina Elizalde

She is the only daughter who is in favor of her grandmother, in fact she is the most active in networks, platforms that she has used to defend Doña Camila and emphasize that her father would not have liked to see the family distanced by money. She is the result of Valentín’s relationship with Azucena Rincón.

Valentina Elizalde shares photos with her father on social networks. IG PHOTO: valentina__elizalde

Valeria Elizalde

At 20 years old, she is the youngest of Elizalde’s daughters, who, in addition to having lost her father, also her mother Vianey Durán, at the hands of organized crime in 2016.

Valeria Elizalde shares photos remembering her father’s career.
IG PHOTO: valeelizaldee


Valentín Elizalde: this is what the place where “El Gallo de Oro” offered his last concert 16 years ago currently looks like

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