These are the five most expensive players in the Qatar 2022 World Cup

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is in full swing and in this edition 32 teams compete for the coveted trophy.

In these 32 teams there are five players who stand out for their current market value, these being the top five, according to a ranking prepared by the firm EY:

1. Kylian Mbappé, player of the French team, have a value of 160 million euros, about $166.5 million at the current exchange rate.

2. Second place is held by Vinicius Junior, from the Brazilian team, whose pass costs 100 million euros ($104 million)

3. England’s Phil Foden is the third most valuable player with a value of 90 million euros ($93.6 million).

4. England also have Harry Kane among their ranks, whose market value is 90 million euros ($93.6 million).

5. In fifth position is Dušan Vlahovic, from Serbia, a player worth $85 million euros ($88.4 million).

In line with these numbers, the most expensive team in this World Cup is England, whose value amounts to $1,300 million euros ($1,352 million); in second place is France, the reigning world champion, who is worth $1.1 billion euros ($1.144 billion at current exchange rates).


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