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Yesenia Villanueva linked live with Magaly Medina from the United States, along with her new Dominican boyfriend, 54-year-old businessman Jeymi. The daughter of melcohita She was happy with her new partner, whom she met while singing in the restaurant where she worked until a few weeks ago.

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According to Jeymi, he is divorced, has children, owns a boutique and still does not live with Yessenia. “Everyone lives at home, we don’t want to rush, we want to know each other well”, indicated the also singer.

In addition, he revealed that he no longer works at the restaurant that gave him employment upon his arrival in the United States. “They took me out overnight, according to what they said I had many mistakes, but I worked 13 hours alone, doing the work of four waitresses. I plan to denounce them because they kept the tips and that is punishable here ”, Melcochita’s daughter said.

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In this sense, she announced that she is about to open her new restaurant, a business that she will start with her boyfriend and another partner. “My dad has given me permission to use his name”, Indian.

On the other hand, Yessenia said that Melcochita already knows her new partner and even called him “Mr. Acrylic” in reference to his skin color.

Finally, Yessenia Villanueva asked Magaly Medina Let her be her godmother, since she already has marriage plans with Jeymi.


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