Make your 2022 World Cup prediction! Simulator of crosses in Eighth Halftime

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The World Cup is underway. The most important soccer event brings together 32 teams, all with the same illusion of being able to proclaim themselves Qatar 2022 champions, but only one country can boast of such success. The road is long, there are 64 games in total, but you can solve the mystery with the Halftime simulator for the World Cup.

Powers like France, Brazil, Spain and England started in a devastating way their participation, but other historical ones such as Argentina and Germany were complicated by unexpected defeats in your presentation. Everything is open and of course we want to know How is Mexico going to do in the World Cup?.

What does each team need to advance?

That is the question that sticks in the minds of millions of fans, but it is not as complicated as you might think. The Qatar Simulator 2022 allows you to decipher doubts through the results that you create will be given in each match of the Group Phase, to later give way to the direct elimination rounds until reaching the Grand Final.

How to use the World Cup Simulator with your predictions?

  1. Enter the probable scores for each Group Stage match. (Those already played will have their result automatically).
  2. The system will automatically throw you the qualifiers for the Round of 16 according to the results and goal difference.
  3. Repeat the first step for the Round of 16, then in the Quarterfinals, Semifinals and the Final to define who will be the champion.

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