More untouchable than Fernando Colunga, the reasons why Adamari López will never be fired from Telemundo

Adamari Lopez
Adamari Lopez

Adamari López has become one of the most important assets of the Telemundo television network, at least in the field of hosting and presenting talents, this was confirmed by the television network in October by including her in another program of the prime time bar, in which he would share the screen with Rodrigo Vidal.

This could be called into question, especially after the announcements of cuts, layoffs and programming changes on Telemundo, which are stronger due to the context of crisis that is currently taking place everywhere. The casualties are in fact in his own program, which fired Stephanie Himonidis, Adamari López’s partner.

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Despite these changes, the Telemundo host seems immobile and is even signed to have more work in what could be one of her best moments in her career. Among the things that can be admired with the naked eye of the actress are her versatility and her ability to attract an audience to where she is, just look at her social networks to realize it.

Another of the elements that play in her favor is her family and yes, this despite the heavy separation she had with her ex, Toni Costa, showing that despite this, her family, made up of her and her daughter, are solid. and immovable in the priorities of the actress, who has never been absent from the cameras.

A daily soap opera star on the screen

Another of the attributes of the actress in front of the cameras is undoubtedly her ability to evoke characters and her great personality, which envelops, does not impose, just like that, sweet and familiar, she can be seen at any time on television, which makes her makes her suitable to conduct any type of program and to talk about any type of topic. That is very valuable for a television station.

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