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The growing importance of mental health in our days highlights the urgent need for invest in emotional well-being. Under the title Health and emotional well-being: in the spotlight, DEIA has organized an informative dialogue with BBVA in order to publicize the impact of mental health in our lives, a meeting that has been attended by of paco kingDirector of Business Development at BBVA Seguros and of Silvia AlavaPhD in Clinical and Health Psychology.

For the specialist, the pandemic may have acted as a trigger for a worsening of mental health, taking its toll on everyone, children, adults, but above all, young people. The figure that exposes it evidences it. “One in eight people suffer from an emotional disorder related to anxiety or depression”. For Álava, however, this problem already existed before the pandemic, and he puts on the table data as eloquent as that in 2019, 25% of the population suffered from a disorder related to mental healthalthough society had him completely invisible.

“It is essential to lose the fear of asking for help in aspects related to mental health”

Paco Rey, Director of Business Development at BBVA Seguros

The opinion of the director of Business Development at BBVA is in the same line, and he considers that today events such as the invasion of Ukraine, instability in the labor market or the increase in the CPI are directly affecting the emotional well-being of the population.

Rey is supported by a recent study by Sanitas on the state of Mental Health in Spain, which indicates that 8.3% of Spaniards consider that their state of mental health is not good, and 40.7% confess that it could improve . Some very significant data that shows that almost half of the Spanish population thinks that their mental health should improve.

Therefore, it stresses that“It is essential to lose the fear of asking for help in aspects related to mental health, having professionals and tools within our reach”.

In the words of the Director of Business Development at BBVA Seguros, Health Insurance is one of them, a mental health prevention lever that the entity makes available to its policyholders. And this is reflected in the increase in demand for this type of coverage. “Although in 2020, and due to the situation caused by Covid, hiring skyrocketed, this strong increase has been the general trend at BBVA during 2021, and even, in the current year, with growth figures that are already around 18%”Rey points out.

“The fact that the number of insured is growing in recent years has led us to launch from 2020 personalized health programsmany of them aimed at seeking the emotional well-being of our policyholders”specifies Paco Rey.

Through these programs, BBVA policyholders have more than 140 health professionals at your disposalwith the highest demand being those related to nutrition, physical care and the field of mental health.

“The mind and the body are much more related than we can imagine”

Silvia Álava, PhD in Clinical and Health Psychology

These actions have recently allowed the launch of the take care of your mind programa BBVA initiative that represents a great step in the search to achieve the perfect emotional well-being of its policyholders.

This is also what Dr. Álava considers, and points out that “The mind and the body are much more related than we can imagine”. For all these reasons, Health Insurance currently represents the best investment in health, “Health in capital letters, making it possible to resort to highly qualified specialists in the early stages of a disease”emphasizes Paco Rey forcefully.

Regarding the use of digital tools for health care, the two guests invited to the meeting with DEIA consider that it has brought about a great change in the field of medicine. In the last twelve months, BBVA policyholders have made 110,000 video consultations related to medical issues.

“It’s about a new healthcare modelcomfortable and effective, which avoids long journeys for patients making life easier for people”points out the head of BBVA Seguros.

Regarding the Cuida tu mente program, the director of Business Development at BBVA Seguros points to artificial intelligence as the technology applied to detect the emotional state of policyholders through a very simple online psychological evaluation methodwhich consists of carrying out a test of between 5 and 7 minutes to draw conclusions that serve as a starting point in the prevention of mental health among BBVA policyholders.

Thanks to this valuable and exhaustive information, the patient will be offered different options for their emotional well-being, either through a series of guidelines for action or with the assistance of a professional.

Despite the short time it was launched, Cuida tu mente is registering very positive evaluations among customers.

Invest in emotional well-being

For the specialist in psychology, the dizzying pace in which we live, “always on autopilot”nothing good for achieve emotional well-being. “We don’t stop to think if something is wrong, and when we detect the problem, a long time has passed since the first symptoms appeared”. In his opinion, “It is not necessary to meet diagnostic criteria to go to a specialist and start treating the problem. The ideal is to go as soon as it is detected that we are facing situations that are great for us ”underline.

He defends, in turn, the comprehensive work of specialists when it comes to really assessing where the problem comes from, but always from prevention. Paco Rey fully shares his opinion and emphasizes its defense of addressing the care of emotional well-being from preventionto which he argues that prevention is in the genesis of Health Insurance, even more so in the field of mental health. “In the field of emotional well-being, anticipating is very important, but also being aware of the onset of a disease, which will help to solve the problem earlier and with greater success”.

The psychology specialist does not overlook the benefits of good habits. It places special emphasis on the need to sleep around 8 hours a day.“During sleep the brain regenerates. For this reason, people who do not sleep well are practically certain to have problems both physically and emotionally.”Álava points out.

Along with rest, it indicates healthy eating, playing sports and, finally, learning to listen to emotions as other key pillars.

digital platforms

The new technological tools, such as digital platforms, are proving to be of great help in the search for answers to problems of emotional disorders, although behind these supports there must always be a qualified specialist, a trained person who knows how to respond to the problem. of the patient.

This is the view of the two guests invited to the meeting with DEIA, and even the psychologist goes further by pointing out that Searching for information on the Internet alone can do a lot of damage to mental health.

Along with rest, it indicates healthy eating, playing sports and, finally, learning to listen to emotions as other key pillars.

Going back to the Sanitas study, the data indicates that 27% of those surveyed have sought help on the Internet related to mental health at some point and 6 out of 10 consider that digital tools can contribute to caring for emotional well-being as long as they there is a professional behind.

Lastly, Paco Rey announced Plan Estar Seguro, another BBVA Seguros initiative that seeks to ensure that all of the entity’s clients can access health policies through affordable and constant payments.

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