What is Tzield, a medicine against diabetes 1 approved in the USA?

In the United States they have just given the “go-ahead” to a medicine for diabetes type 1 immunodependent. In the words of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), this medication known as tzield It can delay the onset of the disease.

tzield is made from the antibodies mzwv and Teplizumab and is the first drug of its kind to combat diabetes in stage 3 in adults and children within the pediatric age who have diabetes type 2 at present.

What is tzieldthe drug approved by FDA against diabetes type 2?

It is important to remember that the diabetes Type 2 is a little different from type 1, since the latter occurs when the immune system, which is in charge of protecting us, attacks and destroys the insulin-generating cells. This makes those affected by Diabetes type 1 need insulin injections because they have an increase in glucose.

This new drug against diabetes it has the ability to deactivate immune cells that attack insulin-generating cells, while increasing the proportion of cells that help us moderate our “shield” response.

According to the FDA, tzield It is administered intravenously once daily for 14 days in a row.

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