Justin Bieber bought NFT for $1.29 million. Now worth $69,000

Image of the Bored Ape that Justin Bieber bought for more than 1 million dollars and is now worth less than $70,000

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At the beginning of this year it was at its peak athe madness dand the so-calledBored Ape” (or “boring apes”)Y pop star Justin Bieber paid the ridiculous sum of 1,29 million deitherlares for a receipt that said it is owner of a picture jpg of a ugly monkey caricatured.

Nevertheless, as Decrypt reportsNot only it has fallen the crypto market Y the of thes NFTs in the last few months; but even the Bored Apes, once the iconic mascots of this fashion, have been affected. The “minimum” price of these jpg, which is the lowest price that is can buy in a collection, reached the 429.000dolars in April.

But last Monday, after the fall of FTX will cause chaos in the crypto market (and its NFTs), that minimum price fell below the 60.000 dollars. For NFT buyers, that’s very bad news; what is less serious for them is that in the days after that “worth” has risen slightly again, to settle at 69.000 dollars.

Bieber’s jumpsuit, the NorMere 3001 of the collection (the image on these lines), it bought in January. It is one of the apes currently “valued” at that minimum price of 69.000 dollars. Its Ta is quite a fall drelastic, about 95%! But his free fall is not entirely due to the fact that the market fell. Bieber’s own impulses contributed, because even then, at the height of these Bored Apesother collectors knew that he had overpaid just to get into ityour fashion:

if you have thought that after considering it for a day or two, it is possible that Bieber regretted his purchase, the following month he bought a second Bored Ape, this time by 440.000deitherlares, that tohour is also “worth” the minimum price.

If you are a fan (of morsiconot apes) and you are concerned about their Mistakes, Don’t Cry For Bieber; the singer worth more than 200 million deitherlares and could spend $1.3 million in an NFT like you or I would buy a set of 10 Dollars in a Steam sale.

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