The beautiful daughters of Marco Antonio Solís who stole the looks at the Latin Grammys

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Marco Antonio Solis he has had a great musical career with hits like “More than your friend” and “Si no te had gone”; However, despite having fame and fortune, What fills him most with pride is the family he has formed.

He recently attended the Latin Grammys very well accompanied by “his three women”, his wife and two daughters who stole all the attention of those present for their beauty and great relationship with their father whom they went to support after receiving a tribute to his musical career as Person of the Year.

He walked with them on the Red Carpet and they turned heads with their coordinated looks in black with gold and silver details. The night was full of sparkles, the eldest wore a Fher Santos Couture design with transparencies, crystals, an asymmetrical neckline and a large opening on the left leg, the youngest on the other hand chose a green piece with a corset, tulle skirt and a large leg slit as worn by her sister.

Marco Antonio Solís is happily married to Christian Salas since 1993. They maintain a loving relationship where both constantly dedicate words of affection in front of their thousands of followers. He was previously married to Beatriz Adriana from 1983 to 1987.

He also known as “El Buki” was born on December 29 in Michoacán, Mexico. He is the father of four children: Marco Antonio Solís Jr, Alison Solís, Marla Solís, and Beatriz Adriana Solís.

They are the beautiful daughters of Marco Antonio Solís

Beatriz Adriana Solis

She is the eldest daughter of Marco Antonio Solís. She is a great multifaceted businesswoman, super talented. She is also beautiful, she has a spectacular body, although she mentions that she has always struggled with her body all her life, which is why she qualified as a “Dietitian” but decided to leave for the music industry and left it aside, only exercising with the people closest to her. who ask for help.

She is the product of the “Buki” relationship with Beatrice Adriana. Despite the divorce of her parents, she gets along very well with the singer even though they are separated.

Alison Solis

Alison has decided to follow in her father’s footsteps into music. She has great inherited vocal talent and has decided to put it to good use by becoming a professional singer. She is a big fan of regional Mexican music, in fact she was very fond of Vicente Fernandez who even dedicated a message to him after his death.

Marla Solis

The youngest of the family has also decided to dedicate herself to music like her father; However, she has also tried her luck in modeling, getting important contracts with prestigious brands. She likes to create content for social networks where she has more than 200,000 loyal followers who follow her day to day and recognize how beautiful and talented she is.

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