Mexican cigars? The striking detail of America with a view to the Clausura 2023

The assembly of the campus aims to have an eleven where one of the lines could only have national elements.

America could have a significant presence of Mexicans on the field.
© Image 7America could have a significant presence of Mexicans on the field.

América has not yet returned to training, but the movements are beginning to be generated in Coapa. Recently, it was revealed that Israel Reyes has everything arranged to become a new element of the blue creams for the Clausura 2023 tournament, which will bring movements in the defense of the Nest.

Internal competition is something that Fernando Ortiz has sought to generate with the squad that the board of directors has made available to him and in this sense, Reyes would have to fight for ownership with elements such as Néstor Araujo and Sebastián Cáceres, since Bruno Valdez prepares his release from the institution.

In the event that Israel manages to gain a place as an American star and share the rear with Néstor Araujo, a completely Mexican base team will be formed in Las Águilas, since the full-backs are currently Emilio Lara and Luis Fuentes; In addition, if Guillermo Ochoa continued at the club, he would be another Mexican footballer to defend the cream area.

With regard to the wings, even the replacement alternatives are footballers trained in our country. On the left is Salvador Reyes, who can work as a winger with a round trip; on the right is, at least for now, Miguel Layún, as well as Jürgen Damm, who is not unaware of the position and he recently renewed his link with the club.


If this situation in defense is confirmed, América could form a stellar lineup with up to seven players trained in our country, since both Alejandro Zendejas and Henry Martín had an outstanding Apertura 2022 tournament individually and they seem to have all the confidence of the Tano.

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