“The price of silence is unacceptable”: the letters that the Russian activist Vladimir Kara-Murza sent to the BBC from prison

  • Sarah Rainsford
  • Correspondent in Eastern Europe

Vladimir Kara-Murza

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Vladimir Kara-Murza is a staunch critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

When Vladimir Kara-Murza announced that he would return to Moscow earlier this year, his wife Evgenia knew the risk, but did not try to stop it.

Russia had invaded the Ukraine. Thousands of protesters had been arrested and it was a crime to call the invasion a war. Still, the activist insisted on returning to Russia.

Vladimir is a staunch critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin and an outspoken critic of the atrocities committed by his country’s army.

He is imprisoned and accused of treason. Evgenia has not been allowed to speak to him since April.

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