Not even Peláez dared so much, Bermúdez’s discharge of Faitelson, which is already viral

The Bermúdez Dog unloads against Faitelson
The Bermúdez Dog unloads against Faitelson

Just as when Ricardo Peláez called David Faitelson ‘stupid&’ in the middle of the live program, now it would be Enrique Bermúdez, a great friend of Peláez, who on social networks unloaded against ESPN’s Sports analyst after a series of criticisms against the pilot Sergio Pérez .

Through the social network Twitter, David Faitelson received several criticisms for the comments against the Formula 1 driver, Checo Pérez, one of them, the renowned sports commentator Enrique Bermúdez who not only recreated Peláez’s insult towards Faitelson , but went much further and criticized his little professional work within the media.

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Bermúdez the dog pointed out that Faitelson can neither narrate nor analyze a match, for this reason he is never in the journalistic coverage while other analysts have done a better job and have not gone against the athletes, assured the TUDN narrator, who after the Mundial will withdraw from the microphones.

Why does Enrique Bermúdez not tolerate David Faitelson?

The fight between the dog Bermúdez and David Faitelson dates back many years, when at the Jalisco Stadium, Bermúdez crossed the pitch while Faitelson launched a metaphor alluding to dogs, the discussion almost ended with blows and from there both commentators cannot be seen.

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