Motagua lost its way in the most delicate part of the tournament; tie against Real Sociedad and commit second place


The crisis of results that you are experiencing Motagua keeps him walking on the ledge. Today he could be shot down by a great Real societybut they rescued a point that makes them stand on their own to go straight to the semifinals.

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The team thing Tota Medina It is worrying, he already has six games without a win and his football is not convincing. His defense plays with nerves and his attack is not scary. The two Argentines in their ranks are fillers in the squad because they do not contribute anything.

Now they will have to play it on the last date against a Victory that is on the rise and with good football. The Carlos Miranda Stadium of Comayagua He looked impeccable, his field was ideal to play good football and that helped in the show, because the Real society showed good skills and put Ciclón Azul in trouble, which was supported by many followers in the former Honduran capital and that in the first half did not have many dangerous actions.

In the second part the first came for the blues and it was with fortune. Marcelo Santos finished off a center with the bad luck that instead of clearing it, the defender Deyron Martinez He ended up putting it in his goal. But Mauro Reyes moved his team, sent the explosive Dexter Monica to the field and this marked the difference in the duel.

A center to the left of another recently entered, Maynor Arzucame to Rony Martinez which he finished off in a row, Licona rebounded and scored on the second shot. The referee Raul Castro did not call a clear penalty against Motagua after an elbow from Peter Gotay against Chino Lopez.

against, Real society went on the offensive with Dexter Monica that left a split in two behind Azul and Marcelo Pereira He had no choice but to penalize him. I arrive Thin Edder and charged it for 2-1. But Motagua rowed from below and appeared Angel Tejeda head to put final figures.


(two) – Marlon Licona; Geovany Bueso (Ángel Tejeda, 83′), Marcelo Pereira, Denil Maldonado, Marcelo Santos; Juan Delgado, Jonathan Núñez (Yostin Obando, 83′), Fabricio Brener (Walter Martínez, 72′), Carlos Mejía; Mauro Ortiz (Eddie Hernández, 72′) and Roberto Moreira (Iván López, 72′).

DT: Hernan Medina (ARG)

Goals: Deyron Martínez (AG) 59′, Ángel Tejeda 89′.

Yellow cards: –

Red cards: –

(two) – Francisco Reyes; Michaell Hill, Samu Pozantes, Pedro Gotay, Klifox Bernárdez; Edder Delgado (Cristian Paiva, 83′), Deyron Martínez, Daniel Rocha (Maynor Arzú, 57′), César Romero (Roney Bernárdez, 72′); Axell Fuentes (Déxter Mónico, 57′) and Rony Martínez (Mariano Ortiz, 83′).

DT: Mauro Reyes

Goals: Rony Martínez 62′, Edder Delgado 78′.

Yellow cards: Samuel Pozantes, Deyron Martínez, Klifox Bernárdez.

Red cards: –


Stadium: Carlos Miranda, Comayagua

Referee: Raul Castro

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